Expert writing, editing and communication support


Writing for universities, nonprofits and


Feature articles for university alumni magazines. Website text, annual reports, other strategic and fundraising communications 

Attract students and faculty. Inspire philanthropists to invest in research and education. Share breakthroughs in medicine, engineering, education, behavioral health and other realms.

Strengthen nonprofit fundraising and outreach. Share strategic, inspiring

 and complex messages with diverse audiences.

Writing and editing services and


Support for better

writing and communication   


Individualized on-call assistance with writing, editing and grammar. Creative and strategic guidance for diverse print and digital formats and audiences.


Communicate more effectively.

  Forever Books
  custom gifts

Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and weddings.

Shape how you wish to be remembered and honored. 

Inspire next generation philanthropy 

Professional interview, writing

and design services to create a

one-of-a-kind family heirloom.


Share the legacy of your core values, philanthropic priorities, wisdom and keepsake photos 

with loved ones

and future generations.




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